Root 39 Salon has a committee called the Trending Team.

Members of our Trending Team meet weekly to discuss current trends and ideas to share with our clients.  Root 39 also accepts requests for classes.  Please contact our Receptionist, Diane, via phone, text, or e-Mail if you have questions.

Our salon also puts our interns through a vigorous training called Academy. Academy is a 6 month long, extensive training in which molds our assistants into proficient and well equipped salon professionals. 





Continuing Education

At Root 39 Salon, we are committed to Continuing Education and offering the latest and best styles for our clientele.

Each stylist is contracted to complete a minimum number of classes per year and rewarded for exceeding the minimum amount. We believe our education will separate us from the masses. Our salon sponsors in-house classes that are open to salons in the area. Our staff is encouraged to travel to shows to broaden their vision